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You did not find me by chance I am one of the best rated escorts in Romania, travel country-side in any city of Romania..I am based in ... and summer time I am visiting you in country-side! Enjoy your holliday with me :)

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Lets take a trip in a dreamland fullfilled with all kind of sweets...

"Tenderness and rot share a border. And rot is an aggressive neighbor whose iridescence keeps creeping over. No lessons can be drawn from this however. One is not two countries. One is not meat corrupting. It is important to stay sweet and loving."

what can we do together

we can share a dinner, a walk through the empty night streets, a journey in the country-side and all kind of leasure trips and self satisfactions one might need! I address myself to elite company since I am one perfect from all points of view!

An ordered list example:

  1. let's have dinner 21-23 pm
  2. let's trip to museums 13-16pm
  3. let's do a massage in the room
  4. let's enjoy clubs till morning